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My Lucky Sign

During one of many exhausting lockdowns I read a book that was gifted to me by the mom of my late and dear friend. The book ‘E²’ by Pam Grout was intriguing because of the tagline “Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality”, and was made more special knowing the hands of my magical friend Allie had graced its pages.

One of the experiments was to focus on a car (I chose a lime green hatchback, make/model not important, something I felt would be odd to see) and call it into your awareness within 48 hours.

Two days went by and I didn’t see my car. I sat, grumpy and let down in my office. But also I recognized I was house-bound on 120 acres of country land, there weren’t many opportunities to seek out this car. Or so I thought.

It was winter, I was irritated by the nonsense of these obscure rules, I was overwhelmed by staying at home with 3 kids day in and day out, I was exhausted by trying to run a business that was flatlining. And no surprise, I couldn’t call in much luck.

I went for a walk. And naturally, as I started for home, a podcast in my ears, the biting cold on my cheeks whipping away the frustration I was experiencing, my little green car whizzed by. I stopped in my tracks, hand over heart, smile blazing. I was outside the 48 hour window and I was just on time.

It made me realize that we have to meet the universe/god/source half way. We need to match belief with action. I wasn’t likely to see my lucky sign while wrapped up in bed in my duvet, mired in my grief and disillusionment. But as I made the effort to move myself, the energy of opportunity was created, and my pathways were made clear to see what I was looking for.

I see my lucky car all the time now, especially in my moments of doubt. Friends and family see it and send me pics (like this one from Mommers all the way out west) and every time I say thank you.

Thank you Allie for this gift, thank you Joan for passing it along to me, thank you eyes for seeing what’s before me, thank you soul for acknowledging and interpreting it as a miracle. And in every moment of angst, frustration, disappointment, doubt, what you’re looking for is always as close as you let it be.

Try it and see what happens 🚗

Dec 20/23 edit: we've since called in a purple car, a pink car and a baby blue car - all spotted within days of one another!

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