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That Time Again

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

When people see those big promotions for setting intentions and resolutions I think many can feel overwhelmed by it all. The whole ‘new year, new me’ can become exhausting. Especially when just a few weeks in we somehow find ourselves falling right back into the habits and patterns we worked on abolishing. I prefer to see it as an evolution, and something the calendar doesn’t really hold power over. You can choose to consciously step forth on a new path at any time! I actually love September and April myself, how about you? In this part of the world January 1st rolls up to often deep-freeze temps, the evidence of the holidays in the Christmas tree ready to get chucked, the decorations needing to be packed away, the rich foods of parties starting to wear us down. We’re more apt to need to hibernate, to go underground and gather our strength. It’s actually quite a lot to ask of a person to find the huge stores of energy needed to completely recreate ourselves when the clock tolls midnight.

goal setting, about how we need to attach a feeling to the changes we are making. This makes heaps of sense to me, I can get behind this. For the last few years I’ve tossed out the notion of big physical goals (weight loss, a new home, a new job) and instead hitched onto a word that felt resonant for the year I was heading into. Harmony, Trust, Expansion. Basically choose any buzz word, slap it on a nice photo and make it your phone screen saver for the year — that kinda thing. I might poke a bit of fun at it but I super love it and find it helps carry me through. My word for 2020 was Receive…it’s kind of magical to see the different ways that has shown up for me this year.

So here we are now teetering on the edge of a new year and it’s hard not to feel like it’s extra charged with hopes and dreams of a better future. It’s easy to get so wrapped into these future visions that we can get carried away with what actually feels realistic. And actually what really feels good! Which back to Danielle Laporte’s point if it doesn’t feel good why would that be part of the resolution? I gaze back on this year and think about everything I’ve been working to expand – essential oils, writing, coaching, numerology, programs – and I am FULL of excitement about what I will do with it all. But then I find myself not really landed on one path or another and wilting at the thought that I should likely have already had all of this figured out by now.

But I don’t. That’s the truth of it, and my lesson this year seems to be constantly reminding myself that the timeline of what I want to do in this life is out of my hands. As I vacillate between different notions of work and life, I think about how to keep going with what I’ve established so far. How I want to keep showing up, to represent the best and true version of me. I love writing and desire to grow but haven’t figured out the outreach part. The social media platforms I’ve been using are becoming more complicated and leaving me with icky feelings, I think often of starting my own full service site. One more thing to put on the back burner for today!

That’s where I am this week, in the in-between, as per usual. Wrapping holiday gifts, dropping off treats, mailing out goodies and contemplating entirely too much about how to get my writing and version of coaching out into the world. It’s getting better though, I’m getting better at keeping myself rooted in the here and now, expressing gratitude for all that I’ve already created, finding the small unreasonable bits of joy throughout the days and gazing ever forward towards what the future will bring.

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